Our company, among its main values, ensures the environment protection along with the safety of the workplace and the employees; everyone must observe the rules for their health safety and the health of their colleagues, as well as respect the environment in a broader sense.

The company, in the past years, took the necessary measures for sustainability of the products we build, aiming to combine the best value for money and the respect for the customer’s needs.

We now use virgin wood-fiber plywood panels or recycled wood-fiber plywood panels, melamine veneered glued with low formaldehyde products; the plywood we use are CARB2 certified (U.S. EPA TSCA Title VI) and FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council). We also use multilayered boards and MDF, both CARB2 certified.

For most of our production we use certified solid wood from controlled forest, cut according to regulations in force.

Since 10 years we abandoned the use of polyurethane finish with high levels if formaldehyde and solvents, and we specialized in water-based finishes. These finishes are better for health protection and for the environment, they don’t contain toxic elements and are more safe for both end customer and producer.

In 2019 we’re also installing solar-powered photovoltaic panels which will provide 50% of energy for the factory, helping reduce the environmental impact of our production.